Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Great Way to Cool Off in Summer Heat

Yesterday afternoon we had quite a storm roll through here. Completely with frequent and intense lightning, winds, super-duper heavy rain and even some hail. It didn't last long, maybe 30 minutes or so, but it rained so hard so fast, that the drains along the city streets were instantly backed up - forming small lakes all over town.

how to make a splash!So, Kev and I were actually in town when this ended, and it was still hot so I rolled my window back down, and so did he. There we were at the intersection in the left turn lane, sitting in one of those small lakes on a city street - when suddenly Mario Andretti comes flying towards us from behind, in the right hand lane. Zipping right past us while we patiently waited to turn left, Andretti's car flew through the lake... and you guessed it - completely deluged me, right through my open window! Absolutely soaked from head to toe, all I could do was laugh. Kev only got a little bit of it, and was laughing too when a car coming toward us in the intersection flew right past (through the lake) and soaked Kev too!

It was just too funny. I should have been wearing that splash! design I recently created - who knew I was being prophetic in creating that?? The inside of the van got a nice rinse, and it was actually sort of refreshing after such a hot day yesterday. I wouldn't necesarrily recommend road water for a cooling off, but hey - you make the best of a goofy situation, right? I'm just glad we were on the way home, rather than going somewhere.