Monday, July 23, 2007

A Few Last Things Before I Go...

In just a couple of hours from now I'll be on the highway headed to the beach, and my blog hiatus will officially begin. It's not really that big of a deal, there are tons of great blogs to take up your reading time while I'm gone - and even after I get back. I did have a post in mind for this morning based on my pastor's sermon on Conquering Faith yesterday (Hebrews 11:30-40) but I never had the time yesterday to compose a coherent post based on my notes. Maybe I'll do that when I get back.

In the meantime, here are a few miscellania for you to ponder:

• Not that Phil needs my reader traffic at his blog, but you oughta read his latest on the ECM. Phil is one reason I shut down ENo. He just says it so much better than I ever did, and some of the uber-extreme pro-ECM folks don't dare leave the kind of filthy comments in his meta that they left in mine. Maybe it's because Phil is bigger than me and they're afraid of him? Maybe it's because they know his readership is astronomically insane and they'll be exposed for the potty mouth junk they say? Either way, I guess they thought it was okay to speak to me in a way they're too chicken to speak to Phil. But that has nothing to do with the post itself, so just go read it, you'll be glad you did. And when you do read it, leave him a note of thanks for having the boldness to say what needs to be said no matter who's widdle feelings get hurt by saying it. I vote we should clone Phil, right away.

Thinking of You• For those of you that noticed my store's sale banner up yonder at the top of this blog, and also recall my post about the great sale where I mentioned using the coupon for an even better deal, scratch the coupon usage suggestion. The sale doesn't work with coupons, it's just an excellent deal for a free T when you buy 3 at the regular price.

Speaking of the store, I added a new design to the Reflections Blessings Note Cards over the weekend. I took this picture not too long ago when the power went out during a vicious t-storm & I settled down in the kitchen with my Bible & kerosen lamp. I hope you like it.

24 SEASON 7 SPOILER... don't read this if you have issues with spoilers: Kev just informed me there will be a woman president on 24 this coming season. The Hebrew word for that is ACK, and the Greek word is GACK. I don't know where he read that and/or if it can be confirmed (and I'm too lazy to check) but it sure opens up a big ole can of worms now, doesn't it? Well okay, it's just a show that we can't even see for another 5 months!, but still. It's hard to even think of 24 right now since there's generally several feet of snow on the ground & temps are hovering around a balmy minus 20 when that show begins in January. Brrr... bring on the low 80's the weatherman promised for this week!

• Speaking of Kev, he had me burn a series of messages for our trip today (it's a 4 hour drive) from Dr. Alan Cairns titled "The 'I Ams' of Christ. The messages are here. I like his preaching quite a bit and I'm looking forward to hearing this series. You should listen to it as well and we can compare notes when I get back. I wanted to burn some music too and some John MacArthur but we ran out of blank cds. Aint that just the way it works? Oh well, I'll be blessed by this series I'm sure of it.

• I read the other day that the Challies family will also be away at the beach this week. Now wouldn't that just be a hoot if our family and his family met up at the same beach? It's sort of funny though how nonCanadians often assume if you're in Canada you know someone they know, in Canada. "Say, do you know So and So in Quebec?" I'm not sure why nonCanadians think that way, but it makes me laugh as much as hearing the border guards stories about southern US visitors who show up at the border in July with snow skis on their car. Yes, that really is a true story. In any event, I seriously doubt we'll run into the Challies clan, but there really aren't that many sandy beaches in Ontario, so you never know. If we do happen to see them, I'm sure there will be pics.

• Speaking of Canoodia, if you're anywhere near the GTA (and if you are, you already know that means Greater Toronto Area) you really should consider registering for the fall Sola Scriptura conference in Scarborough.

Topic: Christianity - Islam: Two Faiths! Two Worldviews! - One God?
Speakers: Dr. Michael Haykin, Dr. James White and Thabiti Anyabwile

We'll be registering for the conference when we get back at the end of the week. If you're in the area and you're going, it might be fun to meet up with you there, like we did at last years's conference in Toronto. We had the pleasure of having lunch with & meeting for the first time in person, several Toronto area bloggers and James White as well. It was a lot of fun and the day went way too fast. (This year, I'm making Kim come too, no excuses!) Oh, and if that website above has a familiar design look to it, it's because Tim Challies redesigned it for them last year. I'm tellin' ya, he's everywhere! ;-)

umm... okayAnd with that, I have some last minute packing to do, a bit of laundry to fold, a dog to yell at & other last minute things before we hit the highway. I hope you have an incredibly wonderful week, and post lots of funny things in the comments while I'm away, so I can sit here and laugh like this kid, when I return. HT: Pecadillo. It kills me every time I go to his blog and see this picture, so I lifted it from him. Don't tell him, he might arrest me and I'm not a big fan of jails!

See ya!