Sunday, July 15, 2007

Audio Sermons Online

I had about 10 different things to write about today, but unfortunately with my back pain I can't keep my concentration long enough to put anything of use up here. Yeah, I'm officially whining, this is pretty miserable. I know, we're not supposed to snivel & whine.

tune in!So, I missed church today and since our church doesn't have a live feed or even audio sermons online (yet - it's coming soon - yay!) to hear the service, I got to thinking...

We tend to miss church quite a bit in the winter months due to colds & other various illnesses. When I have to stay home I generally listen to either John MacArthur, James White or Phil Johnson. When Kev has to stay home he generally listens to Alan Cairns. So I just wondered if my readers here would like to list their church's live feed (if they have one) and/or who they listen to when they can't attend church?

I think that would be a really useful list to post, don't you? A recommended listening list, for those of us that routinely miss church services for whatever reasons.

So, what do you say? Who do you listen to & who do you recommend?