Sunday, July 15, 2007

And so it goes

It's funny the way things work sometimes.

I don't mean funny "haha" I mean funny interesting. I dearly appreciate those of you that prayed for me today. I was able to stay quite busy all day with very little time to give to thoughts that only make me sad. I almost got all the laundry done (which is no small trick in my house) and tackled a project on my yet-to-be-actually-written-summer-project list. Pretend I'm inserting scary movie music here, because that project was the game room toy closet.

To give you an idea of how frighteningly daunting this task was, I could smell something coming from the closet, from across the room. It sort of reminded me of the dead coyote I found in a cave once, but not quite as bad. Not quite, but close. It wouldn't have shocked me too much to find something dead in there, and that would have been just downright disgust-a-pating.

So, after I got the laundry going, I went in. Out came all the toys (and dishes, socks, hats, and enough pens, pencils and crayons to start my own office supply store - discount prices of course for partially used items), and everything else - and sorted into piles/baskets/garbage bags. Once that was cleared out & the floor vaccuumed, I tackled the board-game-shelf in there. I found board games I didn't even know we had, and ones I even forgot we had. Those all got organized & I found we had a whole empty shelf! So, all the VHS tapes stacked in places that they had no business being stacked, found a new home in the closet formerly known as the toy closet - now known as the game closet. If I ever see another toy in there, I just might snap. In any event, I got the job done - the closet looks great - and I never did locate the dead coyote smell, but it's gone, whatever it was.

when it rains...All that to say - the job took most of the day and kept me incredibly busy with the task at hand, so it was a direct answer to prayer, and I'm so grateful for that. As a side bonus, something I did (can't imagine what it was) caused me to throw my back out again today. I knew it as soon as I tried to stand up after taking a short nap. Standing wasn't happening.

Not sure what the deal is with this throwing my back out thing. I've never done that before and now twice this month it's happened. What I do know, is that it's so painful it's hard to think straight or get much of anything done - which is not helpful - especially when you have dresses to iron and baths to give for church tomorrow. Unless the Lord is incredibly gracious, Kev will be taking the kids to church by himself tomorrow. I was able to find dresses that didn't need ironing, but getting myself there is another story.

But at least I had a busy and productive day & I'm most grateful for that!

Oh, and one more thing. I received the sweetest, kindest, most encouraging email today from a reader of this blog. In fact, it was so nice that it brought a tear to my eye to know that something I have to say is a blessing to someone who's privately going through through their own trials. I'm sure glad to know that somehow the Lord is pleased to use me this way.