Thursday, July 26, 2007

After a great 5 hour drive...

we've arrived home safe & sound. I have oodles of laundry to do, a starving army to feed (but I'm sitting down with a cup of coffee first, priorities, you know?), and over 300 pictures to edit/upload. I have a suburn, cuts, bruises and scrapes and we arrived home with far more *stuff* than we left with. Like the monumentally LARGE caramel apple pie Kev had to buy on the way home. This thing is big enough to feed at least 40 people. Maybe.

I logged each day (just brief notes) from sun up to sun down & plan to write out in detail where we went, what we did, what we saw & learned. The kids declared this was the best vacation they've ever had (they're all too little to remember the 3 week road trip out west, six years ago), so I wanted to make sure I documented it all - for them - and for me too.

I've already cleared out my 115 emails & reduced that down to a very small handful of important ones (no, I have no need for online pharmacueticals, but thanks for the offer, you flakes), but it's going to take some doing to get caught up with my blog reading. Bloglines is flashing "217 new posts". Eek, and gack. That'll have to come later.

As much fun as I had (and I had tons!) I'm glad to be home. Time to rustle up some yummers for dinner. Oh, and the Alan Cairns sermons were excellent - at least parts 1 and 2, we never got a chance to hear the rest yet.