Friday, June 22, 2007

You're Invited...

sure it's photoshopped, but the t-shirt is real! click to get yours and scare people on the court

To Buggy's Pity Party:

"I've been reposting old Leviticus stuff because I'm too lazy to blog. My blog has simultaneously plumbed new lows in traffic. I am so discouraged. I don't know what I shall do... I think that the badminton shark should blogspot me, because she frightens me when holding a birdie and a racquet."

That "..." in the quote means he said a bunch of other stuff inbetween the ...'s but you get the gist of it. Poor Buggy actually thinks a blogspot from me would mean an increase in his traffic? Clearly this brother is delusional. Pffft and snort, yeah - I'm influential that way... sigh.

Well, be nice blog readers and go on over there and say hello to Buggy. Take some refreshments with you so everyone can have a nice time at his party. A pity party is no fun without refreshments.

I must confess though... I did enjoy being called a badminton shark. If only I could zip around the court and make those supernaturally astounding shots like the professionals do! Now that, would be youtube worthy, eh? It's wishful thinking, if I tried it I'd prolly slip in a hole dug by that wretched beagle and snap something that isn't supposed to snap. Oh well, I can pretend I'm a badminton shark, all the same.