Sunday, June 17, 2007

What It Means This Year: Cookies

Father's Day for me, isn't what it used to be. I know there will be many others who understand that, since lives change, paths change, and people change. Through divorce or death, Father's Day (just like any other family holiday) can suddenly take on a new meaning for a lot of people.

Growing up without a dad, Father's Day was our day to celebrate our Gpa for the dad role he took in our lives. At 18 when mom remarried, we had 2 dad-people to be grateful for. But over the years both my Gpa and my step-dad have passed away, and somewhere in the back of my head I still hear that wee little voice that says "don't forget to call Gpa today" or "be sure to call Jasper today". I can't call them anymore, and still kick myself for the times I did forget to call them. Don't forget your dad-person today. Go see him if you can, or call him if you can. He wont be there forever you know.

Now, Father's Day is for Kev, and this Father's Day I'm sick (nothing serious, just one of those things) and they're all off at church while I sit here in my slob-clothes trying to come up with a brilliant plan to make his day special. I'm running low in the brilliant plan department. Besides, he's on the midnight shift this week so after church he'll be sleeping the rest of the day away.

I'm not good with change, and it usually takes me years to adapt, but adapt we do and create new traditions and new celebrations.

I think I'll shlep into the kitchen and bake up a batch of cookies for him. Not that he needs them or anything, but since he does so much for this family, and since he takes his role of father so very seriously, maybe he just does need a plate of warm cookies waiting for him after church today?

Yeah, I think that's about as brilliant as I'm going to come up with.