Saturday, June 16, 2007

Time's a Wasting

I read this in the Friday Technology column on FOX news:
Want to waste even more time? Become a blogger.The mechanism is easy and it's cheap — free, in fact. While you are blogging you can check other blogs and create a network of the banal. This is a great use of your time, no? "Today I ate a cheese sandwich. No wait, it wasn't like the cheese sandwich that other blogger ate 10 years ago. Really, it wasn't." And, of course, the bane of the blogosphere is still cat pictures. For every picture of a human baby in the blogosphere, there are 10 pictures of cats. What does that tell you about the state of the world? There is something especially pathetic about 30-year-old women treating these cats like babies and essentially bragging about this on their blogs. (source)

As you may have suspected, I have a few things to say. Ahem...

First, the column itself was called Unplug the Computer, Sell the TV and Get a Life. Essentially it covered the various ways we waste monumental amounts of time, being electronically diverted/entertained. In all honesty, I agree with this. We are in fact a generation/culture of people that goes into a blind panic when the power goes out. I could write about this for days and still not cover all my rants about this subject. I wont do that, however.

A couple of years ago, if you will recall, there was some sort of power station flub-up somewhere in Michigan (or somewhere) that shut down the power to numerous eastern US states and Canadian provinces for several days. We were one of those provinces, and if memory serves it was on a VERY hot day in August.

My first concern and question was “was this an act of terrorism?” After that was “oh no, the stuff in the fridge is going to go bad”. I’m a mother, we think things like that. After that I think one of my first thoughts was along the lines of “man it’s hot, I want my fan” and somewhere way (WAY) down on my list was “I’d like to be on the internet”. While I enjoy being able to use this technology, it’s not a priority in my world. Even lower on my list of concerns, somewhere trailing “go moose hunting and kill it with your bare hands – skin it and cook part of it and eat lunch spot” was “watching TV”. I’d much rather be outdoors with my camera, or reading a great book, than watch TV. (Of course 24 is exempt from this statement, and I wish to make that perfectly clear).

here kitty kitty...

Now obviously since I’m a time-wasting blogger that has in fact posted pictures of my cat(s), the above quote was sort of humorous to me, even though I’m not sure it was supposed to be taken that way. I like my cats, most of the time, and they’re a great subject for the camera. It just works, you know?

The thing that really struck me about this article and this quote (above) the most however, was the idea that bloggers create a network of the banal. Banal?

Obviously, writer of this piece has never met my blogging buddies. I know, every blogger that will read this will think the same thing, no matter who their blogging buddies are. What might be even more ironic though, is that the word banal implies a lack of originality – or nothing new under the sun, if you will. Well, I have a newsflash (which isn’t a newsflash at all), and you’ll find it in Ecclesiastes 1:9

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

While we all come across information or ideas at times that may be new to us, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are brand new ideas or brand new information. It simply means it’s new to you, or to me.

That is actually one of the things I appreciate the most as it pertains to the Christian blogging community. There are some rather brilliant and articulate folks among us, and they’re a daily blessing. These are brothers and sisters that take Christian living as serious as it is and have chosen to stay on the old path, not veering to the left or the right. I love it that they do this and write about it, because what they have to say is an encouragement to me every time I read them. I have no desire for a “new thing” when it comes to Christian living – just gimme that old time religion, you know?

So if you’re looking for something new, something earthshattering or what have you, I seriously doubt you’ll ever find it here. Well, aside from the t-shirts I create, but I don’t think that counts.

Maybe I should do one of a cat, blogging, posting pictures of his people? (*snort)