Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Last Friday being the day the RolfeWorld backyard pool officially opened, I was doing what I do every day after pool opening season: cleaning it. It’s a highly glamorous job to be sure, but someone’s got to do it. As a highly trained Domestic Engineering Technician, I have numerous, glamorous jobs just like this.

While netting the pool, Rachel asked me “mom, what’s your favourite part of summer?” Such a simple question but I couldn’t come up with just one answer. So in no particular order, here’s what summer means to me:


When I was a little girl, and up until the time I was in my mid/late 20’s summer was just made for either being at Wildcat Lake, or the always over-chlorinated, outdoor pool at Evergreen park. I recall numerous days we’d spend the entire day (until the sun went down) at either one or the other places. When they closed the only outdoor pool we had in the county, that just meant more time spent at Wildcat, and that was okay with me. I spent my childhood summers there, nearly every summer as a teenager, and even took the older girls out there when they were little. Circumstances being what they were, that was the last time I was able to go, but I have enough memories of being there, to last me at least a few lifetimes. Like the time my friend and I used peroxide in spray bottles to wet our hair down all day, as we layed on our floaties in the middle of the lake. REALLY bad idea, unless you actually want to have skin the color of a beet, and hair the color of printer paper. We laughed later, much later.


I don’t remember who dared me, and I don’t remember why I took up the challenge, but the dare was “I bet you can’t eat this whole watermelon”. The person who dared me? Lost, big time. I love watermelon. I don’t think I needed any fluids for at least a week after that.


Oh how I LOVE these little guys! As a kid in western WA, I had heard about them, read about them, and saw them on documentaries and that sort of thing. However, I had never seen them in real life, until moving to Ontario. For me, it was like seeing a fairy tale come true. I remember it was a hot summer night up north at the cabin, and just after the sun went down, all these incredible fireflies came out.

Summer also means: Starry skies, Clothes on the line, Freezie pops, Ice cream cones, Burgers on the grill, Tents in the yard, Trips to the beach, Visits with friends & family, Fans, Badminton, Bicycling, Lawn mowing, Pool cleaning & No school.

Summer means... Lots and lots and lots of fun!

Yep, that’s my favourite part of summer.