Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Speaking of summer...

Along with summer, comes a lot of outdoor activity. With that, comes a lot of potential for danger if you're not careful. Most sources say that summer is the peak time for ER visits for all ages due to accidents or product related injuries. Most moms, already knew this.

This is just a short list of timely reminders on how to have a fun summer, and not end up in the ER or worse:

• Always mow the lawn with your shoes on & safety glasses if you have them. Flying debris in the eye can happen faster than you can duck, no matter how fast you think you are. A lawnmower blade propelled pine cone, small twig, rock or child's toy can instantly become a serious danger if it hits you in the right place.

• Wear sunscreen if you're in the sun between 10am and 3pm. Re-apply liberally or get the waterproof stuff. Skin cancer from being in the sun too much can and does happen.

• Never leave your smaller kids unattended in the pool - EVER. Pool accidents are one of the most common tragedies of summer. Also, if you have a pool pump in your above ground pool, unplug it while the kids are in the pool and plug it back in when they get out. The powerful suction can pin them underwater faster than you realize. Teach your kids how to swim (or get them lessons) and get waterwings and/or floaties for the little ones and have them wear/use them. They do make a difference, plus they're cool.

• Always wear your shoes and a helmut while riding your bike & learn the rules of the road if you'll be in automobile traffic. Kev and I both knew a girl (different girls) that rode her bike barefoot, and the end result would turn your stomach if I told you what happened. Suffice it to say, both girls learned the hard way. Don't be her, and don't let your kids be her.

• Wear a good mosquito repellent & use it on your kids. While mosquito bites aren't usually TOO harmful, than can make for a miserable existance if your especially sensitive to their bites. Try using citronella wristbands, some people say they work quite well.

don't upset the bear• Always make sure your campfire/bonfire is completely extinguished when you're done. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires. A nice bear once told me that. In addition, always wear shoes if you're near a campfire or bonfire. My son learned his lesson the hard way two summers ago. A trip to the ER in an ambulance is no way to end a perfectly good summer day.

• This might seem like a NO-BRAINER, but we read about these tragedies every summer. NEVER, under any circumstances, leave your child in a car, unattended. Not even if you're going to be "right back in just 2 seconds". Never ever ever do this. Same applies to your dog. Just don't do it.

• If you normally buy & light off fireworks for the 4th of July/Canada Day: don't let kids play with them, or light them (sparklers are exempt from this, but kids shouldn't be lighting them). Have the kids sit a safe distance away & you light them off. Make sure they're completely OUT before you dump them in the bucket of water you have standing close by.

• To avoid "heat stroke", drink lots and lots and lots of water when it's especially hot outside. If you can avoid especially strenuous activity during the hottest part of the day, that's best. If you do feel sick from the heat, lay down and elevate your legs. Use wet towels & a fan to cool yourself down. If the person suffering from heat stroke is non-responsive (doesn't respond to questions or responds with slurred speech or confusion) call 911 immediately.

These are just a few off the top of my head. If you have a summer safety tip to add to this list, please do that in the comments. Summer should be fun, and filled with good memories, not trips to the doctor or hospital.