Saturday, June 9, 2007


My kids are funny. I mean... they make me laugh, funny.

The other day, I was talking to daughter #2 Jennifer (who landed a job today that she REALLY needed, so yay for her!! and she starts tomorrow) on msn messenger, and she dropped this feller into the IM window:

clearly this is not a Baptist brotherSo, the longer I watched him dance (watch closely, he'll clap) the more I laughed. He's really not that funny, but something about him just tickled my snickerbone. Now we use him all the time when we talk in messenger. In fact, she used him tonight to tell me about her new job - he was dancing in celebration for her.

For some insane reason this morning, I decided to go looking for more dancing goons. Chalk it up to needing to goof off a little bit after a rough week.

my new best friend So... when I found this guy, and after I stopped laughing maniacally (I literally laughed so hard my face hurt - watch him - you will too!), I had to share him with Jennifer. I gave her some really wise parental advice, and suggested she dress like this and show up for her first day of work tomorrow, doing this dance as she worked. She "lol'd". Then we both pasted Buddy up there in the suit again.

Not only do my kids make me laugh, I am grateful they've inherited my completely demented sense of humor. Laughing is a blast, and we need to do it a lot.

Feel free to snag these guys for yourself, should you be so inclined to feel a need to do such a thing.