Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Please Help Find Kelsey

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Kelsey SmithI read this story in the news last night, and it instantly grabbed my attention. I don't live anywhere near Kansas, and I don't know the Smith family... but I am a mom, and a mom to 6 girls. The oldest of which, looks remarkably like Kelsey Smith, who remains missing after an apparent kidnapping on Saturday.

I cannot begin to imagine the heartache that I would feel if something like this happened to any of my girls - or my son either.

Please read the story, check the family's web page, and if you know anything, or know of anyone that might know anything, or saw anything, or even think you might of seen something - speak up.

From the family's website:

PLEASE, please let the police know any information you might have. The slightest detail may turn out to be critical to helping Kelsey return home. If you were at the Target store, or at Oak Park Mall any time late on Saturday 6/2/07 - and can think of *anything at all* that would help the investigation, please call the TIPS hotline with *any* information at 816-474-8477, or the Overland Park Police at 913-895-6300.

If you have something to communicate with us via the internet, please send an email message to one of these 2 email addresses:

If blogging can do anything useful, let it be this.

We'll be praying for Kelsey and her family and friends.