Saturday, June 23, 2007

Non-commenters, let me have your ear a minute while I scold you

If you will indulge me a moment here, I'm going to vent about YOU. Yes you, dear reader that is reading and never comments.

Last night Kev and I had our friends over (that we don't see nearly often enough!) and for some lame reason, my blog came up. Oddly enough, a member of the church that our friends go to, mentioned my blog to one of our friends. She's a reader but she's never commented.


While I never intended to write publicly to get a load of feedback, I do greatly appreciate the feedback - even if it's in disagreement with what I've said. You might be surprised at the stuff I've learned through commenters that had a differernt viewpoint, or insight to share that I hadn't even considered. In case you're wondering, YES, this is an attempt to get more people to comment because it bugs me that I can see how many people visit each day and how FEW of you ever say BOO about anything I've posted.

Most of my readers come over from TeamPyro, more than likely scratching their heads thinking "what in the world are they linking to this dipstick for?" Well, since you're here why not say hello or something?

I haven't checked to be sure, but the second source is probably a tie between Kim and Campi.

Rounding out 3rd place is the Pulpit Magazine - you folks coming from there also probably wondering what mystical, incurable tropical disease has affected the reasoning skills of the brother that updates that blog roll and keeps me there every time. I suppose the rest of the visitors come in from an assortment of other blogs and folks hitting that random blog button and going "ugh, dumb girl blog" and clicking out as fast as their little ole mouse can take them.

I enjoy the discussions in the meta, and I don't hardly get to see much of that here. I gotta tell ya folks, it's discouraging and to be perfectly honest, has often left me wondering what in the world I'm doing with a public blog. To be sure, I'd still write even if blogging wasn't available because that's what I do. But still...

I know, I know... sometimes you just don't feel like saying anything. I get that, I do the same thing at other blogs (my BAD!) but I've begun to try a little harder to at least say "thanks, this made me think" or "you are SUCH a goon" (only on friends blogs otherwise folks might think I'm a big meanie!) or something along those lines.

Human beans are social critters by design. He made us that way. When we don't get social interaction we get a little weird, a little discouraged, and begin to wonder why folks don't talk to us. Do we stink? Are we obnoxious? Do we have a big ole nasty piece of something green between our two front teeth? Yeah I know it's just a blog, and in the grand scheme of things it's about as important as belly button lint, but you all know what I'm talking about. Right?

Some people don't give a rip about feedback and interaction with things they've said. Sometimes I'm like that too and feedback on a post doesn't matter one way or another. Most of the time though, it'd just be nice if someone said "hey, thanks". Or at least told me what a goon I am.

Ya know?

Okay, rant over. I have Saturday junk to do and my pool is green. Welcome to summer, eh?