Wednesday, June 6, 2007

From the Useless Trivia files

- Today, 06/06 is the 41st anniversary of my hernia surgery, performed on 06/06/66. I was exactly 6 days shy of being exactly 18 months old. 06/06/66, and 6 days shy of being 6x3=18. This means absolutely nothing, except that I remember it. Literally.
Frank and Jesse

- I learned last night that my gma’s gma, was a neighbour and close friend to Mrs. James. Mrs. James had two boys named Frank and Jesse. They were not nice boys.

- Today in school we had a special project for our end of the school year party on Friday. We took the old Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, and gave it a summer makeover. The game is now called Pin the What on the What.

Each kid had to think of 2 things that remind them of summer. One small thing, that goes with one large thing. They drew their small thing on a card, and I drew their large thing on a large piece of paper. No, I am not posting the pics I drew, all I had was a handful of dull crayons to work with. Yes, I am in fact a tempermental artist, did you want to make something of it? (*snort)

Here’s what they each came up with:

• Pin the Bumblebee on the Flower
• Pin the Cicada on the Tree
• Pin the Sun in the Sky
• Pin the Ice Cream Cone in the Kid’s Hand

Each card (tail) will have a piece of tape on it, and their “Donkey” will be taped to the wall - and that’s how we’ll play the game on Friday. Friday’s festivities also include craft work (decorating plain craft boxes with foam hearts & jewels, building castles & rocket ships with colored popsicle sticks and coloring wooden tulips with rainbow gel pens), and to top it all off, chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and star shaped candy sprinkles.

Friday night will be Special Pizza Night since the local grocery store had our favourite $7.29 pizza on sale for $3.99. No way you could pass that up. (Kim! Go to Zehrs before 06/08 and stock up!)

- I've taken to composing blog posts in MSWord because Windows Vista loves to crash my IE7 (usually after hours of work on a project that hasn't been backed up yet, or at the end of a heartfelt email, before I had a chance to hit "send"). MSWord thinks it's a Canadian, and composes my stuff with extra u's.

- I should have filled the pool up today, as it's supposed to be 88 tomorrow. Maybe I'll do that tonight after dinner.

Now, I have laundry to do, more wallpaper to pull, and then a nap to take. Naps rock.

Keep praying for Kelsey Smith and her family.