Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Photos

We've secretly replaced Jim's regular coffee with our new Folger's Crystals... let's see if he can tell the difference.

If you're old enough to remember that, welcome to my world. I wasn't even old enough to drink coffee when that commercial was on, but I always thought Mrs. Olson was a bit presumptious to just barge in people's kitchens and mess with their coffee. While I'm at it, what does this commercial say about Jim? You're telling me Jim was so dense that he couldn't tell the difference between his regular coffee and these fancy, sparkly Folger's Crystals? Please, if some old German woman was sneaking around my kitchen messing with my coffee, I'd know. Oh yes, I'd know! Then again, maybe I've mixed up coffee commercials completely, and have no idea what I'm talking about? This is entirely possible.

In any event, we've not so secretely replaced (for this week anyway) Friday Blogfodder with Friday Photo, for no other reason than: I'm lazy. It's easier to post these than it is to post the other, so here we are (and no, there will be no pics of my desk, thank you very much):

Samuel and Tulip

Samuel and Tulip playing in the yard

The Beagle and her Beagle

This is just so wrong, on so many levels. The Beagle has a beagle, and she's very mean to her. She's already eaten her nose, and who knows what shape she's in today. Before long, all that will be left of her is a piece of stuffing. Beagles... pffft.

Eastern Kingbird

Now this is cool, if you're into birds. You'll have to zoom in for a better view, but this little guy has been hanging around the yard since Monday. He's a flycatcher - which means he does some pretty impressive arial acrobatics while catching his snacks. He likes to hover over the pool (and the tall grass) and I was just fortunate enough to get a shot of him doing that.

Oh, and one more thing: the store's weekly newsletter is now online (and in your mailbox if you're one of the 440 subscribers). We've got some pretty nifty new designs and some supercool new summer styles, that you probably can't live without. Just a hunch.
Can you dance like this man?