Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday BlogFodder: June 1, 2007

You noticed the date, eh? Now you stop right where you are and turn over that calendar page. We'll wait.

The King of BlogSpottingThere you go, all better. At just a glance I'm noticing several family and friends birthdays for the month of June, including the King of BlogSpotting himself. You be sure and wish him a happy birthday this month!

Just in case you might be wondering if Friday BlogFodder was a wee bit similar to Pyro BlogSpotting, the answer is yes, and no. I did get the idea from him, but it's a little different in that there aren't enough people that link to me in 3 months, let alone a week, for me to list their links and what they had to say. So instead, I try to highlight some of the coolest of the cool, neatest of the neat, and spiffiest of the spiff, and send you on your way to them.

Moving right along...

This looks like a really good book on making a Biblical case for the deity of Christ. "In a manner that is both academically sound and spiritually engaging, the authors make a case for the deity of Christ that is easy to follow and hard to forget." Sounds good to me!

Rebecca's posting your favorite hymns in her Sunday Hymn posts. Don't miss this, it'll bless you.

Charles Nelson Reilly is no longer with us. Half of you have no idea who he is, and the other half probably assumed the only thing he ever did was sit on the panel of Match Game. In any event, he's gone.

Reading is like food for your brain, and it never makes you fat If you've never seen this picture before, you should go look at it. I don't know what it is about this picture that grabs your attention more - if it's the peaceful expression of rest, or the fact that life is so precious. Go look and you tell me what you think.

While Timmy Brister is wondering if we've created a Reformed Celebrity culture, Nathan
White steps it up a bit and asks if we're also creating a Celebrity Culture of Bloggers. Two great posts for the BlogFodder price of one - don't miss these.

Here's a nice, easy to follow outline of what a Reformed Baptist is.

Speaking of Baptists of the reformed/sovereign grace flavor, The Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada has a new look. And they have tulips in the header. What's not to love?

Are you annoyed by particular Christian t-shirts? (Not mine, silly!) Timmy at Strange Baptist Fire has a greivance about one such item.

David is giving away a book: Iain Murray's Revival & Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism, 1750–1858. Entering is easy and the drawing will be held next month.

For all you urban myth folkses, there's new footage of Nessie! With the advances in technology, you'd think by now we could unlock the truth bout Nessie, Big Foot, and Don King's hair. Then again, some mysteries may never be solved - and some should just be avoided all together.

Do you like to sew? Well, if you do, has a selected number of KwikSew patterns on sale for 50% off. Some of them are really cute patterns too. Sale is over June 3rd so go get your patterns!

For those paying attention, you already knew Ingrid was back with a fresh Slice. For those of you not paying attention, like me, here ya go.

And that, as they say in the tortilla business, is a wrap. If you have a link that oughta be here this week, feel free to leave that in the comments.

It's movie/pizza night, and after doing a Haitian culture study this week with the kids, we'll be making deep fried plaintains today. Fine, I'm cheating and using under-ripe bananas - just don't tell the folks in Haiti. I couldn't find a recipe that didn't call for something strange, gross or expensive, so I made one up myself. If it turns out yummy, I'll share the recipe. If it's a miserable failure, you'll never hear about it from me.

Have a GREAT Friday!