Sunday, June 17, 2007

Brazilian Garden Shoes, anyone?

One of the fondest memories I have of my childhood, is being able to go shopping with my mom at JC Penney’s. No, it wasn’t the shopping part that I enjoyed (bear in mind, shopping is for people who are not me), it was hearing mom say YES when I’d ask if I could go pick out my favorite candy at the candy counter: dark chocolate covered seafoam. For those of you that don’t have a clue what seafoam is, it’s sponge toffee. Not a clue why they called it seafoam, I just know they dipped it in dark and milk chocolate, and sold it by the pound at the candy counter in JC Penney’s, when I was a little girl. I hadn’t thought about that in years, but for some reason it popped into my head today as I was resting on the couch.

Then I had one of those most pointless, bizarre dreams that I have. Mom and me were at the mall (something that is scary enough by itself, me at a mall) and we entered Penney’s. I don’t know what we were looking for but we noticed they had a candy counter inside. Apparently Penney’s did away with their candy counters decades ago, but this one had one. So of course I looked around for seafoam, and they didn’t have any. I was disappointed until I noticed something called a Raspberry Medley – Brazilian Garden Shoe. It was sort of like sponge toffee – but sort of like a pastry too. It was filled with a raspberry mixture, and when baked it took the shape of a shoe (apparently a Brazilian garden shoe, whatever that is). When cooled they dipped it in some sort of sticky/sweet syrup then rolled the lower half of it in a chocolate crumble mixture. It sort of resembled a high heel that was half covered in mud. Not that I go around eating muddy shoes as a normal part of my diet, but I had to try this thing – so I bought one.

We left the candy counter and as we walked away I took a bite of my garden shoe. It was hands down, the most delicious, fruity/chocolatey pastry/candy/thing I’ve ever tasted. I tried to get my mom to take a bite and see, but she refused since she was eating some lemon thing she bought and said shoes and lemon do not go together. I found her argument hard to ignore.

In any case, that was the end of the dream and then I woke up hungry. If I thought I could pull it off, I’d recreate that recipe and make it for dessert tonight. I might even try some kind of variation of it anyway, just to say I did.

It wouldn’t be the first time a brilliant idea came to me in a dream.