Friday, June 29, 2007

Blog Stats & Shameless Self Promotion

Well there wont be a lot of the shameless self promotion going on here, but I did get a chuckle out of something last night.

A few nights ago my friend and I were talking and IBS came up. That would be irritable bowel syndrome, for those of you that don't know. Well, she accidentally said RBS instead, and we both laughed - I commented "hey, that could be a t-shirt: Reformed Baptist Syndrome". To which we both laughed and said "yeah!". Well, if you read yesterday here at Reflections you know that I went ahead and created the graphic & there is now an RBS t-shirt available at my store - for those of you that suffer from RBS like me. :-)

So then last evening, a particular blogger that hasn't been too kind to me in the past, decided to link to the shirt (why he ever even knew it existed is beyond me) and make a snarky comment about it. Anyway I'm assuming it was snark-implied, as it reads "And what can one say about this? Truth is stranger than… " Maybe I read it all wrong and he's actually complimenting me? I'm not sure, but either way the link to the comment was sent to me in email, and I had to laugh.

If it was snark-implied, then it sorta backfired because said blogger's readers actually purchase from my store, as the site stats prove out. If it wasn't snark implied then I just owe the blogger a thank you for the kind words and re-directed traffic. I'm not sure which way to think about this but either way, it did make me smile.

site stats

The funny thing is, I'm a horrible self-promoter. If I were doing things right, the way all marketing guru-type people tell you to do things, my store's stats would look completely different than they do. But I'm a waffling wimp and usually feel sorta smarmy about "putting my store out there" in other ways except for links here, when I create a new design. I do have a few other ways that I advertise the store but they're extremely low key & really don't generate much traffic at all.

This graphic here shows what my store's traffic looked like over the last year. Generally the numbers rank fairly low for the month, but I'll let you guess which month a HUGELY read blogger linked in to my store. The yellow bars represent the basic site visits, and the orange represent the actual page visits. In March of this year my store had over 10,000 page visits - which simply never happens, never has happened, and probably never will happen again, unless by some fluke-o-rama another HUGELY read blogger or website links to the coolest Christian t-shirts on the planet (those would be mine, in case you were wondering where to get those).

Sometimes I wish I were better at marketing because I'd really love to see this store do well. Well enough that Kev could quit his miserable job and we could provide for the family on the store's revenue alone. That, would be awesome. It does happen too, there are quite a few success stories like that from online merchants, but they're the folks that work extremely hard at shameless self-promotion and get their products and links before the public in big ways. I don't even know how to do that, so if some HUGELY read big name blogger is reading this today, feel free to link in to the store and tell your readers to shop there. I wont mind a bit if you do that - and do it often, lol. You can even use the left sidebar graphic if you wanted to.

In fact, I do custom orders & custom designs, so if you'd like something special, feel free to get ahold of me and we can work out a cool design for you, your blog, or whatever you've got in mind. Put me to work so Kevin can quit his job!

Okay, end of shameless self-promotion, I have errands & laundry & packing to do as we prepare to get away for a weekend at the beach. Yay, we love the beach!