Monday, June 11, 2007

BEST DAD EVER: A Tribute to Dads


This wasn't an easy contest to judge, even though there were only 5 submissions. I appreciated each one, and was quite pleased to read each one and see why these folks were compelled to write about their fathers. Congrats to all who entered, and thank you for sharing a bit of your heart with us:

FIRST PLACE WINNER: Amanda says "You will have to work long and hard to convince me that my 爸爸 (pronounced baba, daddy) is not the best dad in the world." See Amanda's post here.

SECOND PLACE WINNER: December 7th holds a very special and very personal place in Kim's heart, and it doesn't have anything to do with Pearl Harbor Day. See Kim's tribute to her father, here.

Our other entrants:

• Audrey shares a memorial to her dad here.

• Cris posted a touching poem about her dad, here.

• Lisa honors her hero dad, here.

While the giveaway contest is now closed, if you have a blog post in tribute to your dad, please feel welcome to share the link in the comments.