Monday, June 25, 2007

1,000 Words


Or, alternately titled "This is where I am right now, literally". Since, this is in fact where I am right now, this very minute. In that chair at that desk.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words and the funny thing is, when I looked at this picture that someone ruthlessly and mercilessly snapped of me the other day (after a long day and into day 2 of a 4 day long headache) I noticed everything else in the picture besides me. So, this is me, this is where I blog and this is where I do the work for my store, edit my photographs, email people & all that good stuff we all do on the pc. Here's a little slice of me in my world. It's not very exciting I assure you.

To my left on the wall is my US map. Doesn't every homeschooling mom have at least one map on the wall? We have a world map too, but it's over ----> there on the other wall out of range of this pic. On our US map we have colored pushpins in places where friends and family live so that the kids can get a better idea of direction, distance & a general geological layout of the US. Maps are one of the coolest inventions EVER, and I love them. I have several others too, rolled up and standing in the corner. I need more wall space.

On the wall directly in front of me are some of my mini-posters from way back when, that I used to sell in my first online store, many years ago. The verses on these posters are Col. 3:15, Psalm 104:1, Psalm 21:13 and Psalm 145:5. Look those up, you'll be glad you did. I still look up at them and read them every day.

Just below that on the top of my desk that I actually did clean off the other day, is a variety of items. Bottle of St.Ives Aloe Vera lotion (a must have for the summer), can of lavender scented air freshener, various scented candles, a family picture taken when Samuel was a baby (and my hair was down to my waist!), a miniature wooden rocking chair, and Mr. and Mrs. Victorian Era Bear standing guard on either side of my Christmas Memory box.

The shelf below that - just above my monitor - is filled with stuff that shouldn't even be there. Books, tapes, cds, dvds, a vaccuum cleaner appliance, bottle of cold & flu capsules, super glue, glitter glue, thumbtacks, electrical tape, dog tags, mosquito repellant, flash drive, safety pins, earrings, and who knows what all else. This is always the last shelf to be cleaned off.

Then on the main desk is my coffee mug warmer (you don't have one!?), another can of air freshener (I live with animals & have a heightened sense of smell, I need stuff that smells good or I go insane), more cds next to the printer. Wanna know what's on those cds? White Horse Inn - Celebrating 15 years, several blanks, one with pictures from a friend, various program install cds, 3 John MacArthur cds, Iona, and Steve Camp.

To my left, is Mom's Disaster Area. It's a mess that desperately needs a makeover and I'm usually too busy with more important things to tackle it. A collapsable tote bin (free with your oil change at Canadian Tire, a value worth $15.00 Canadian dollars! Hurry in, while supplies last!) filled with printer paper, photo paper, forms, binders, a duster and various other junk. A shelf with all sorts of stuff just jammed in there, and a box with my computer's speakers still in their original packaging, with my camera bag sitting on top. Who needs speakers when you have a perfectly good headset? Someday I might actually hook them up, but I doubt it. Also sitting there (hidden by the weird lady in the baggy t-shirt, sloppy sweatshorts with the ever fashionable Bride of Frankenstein hairdo and the get that camera away from me you dolt facial expression) is my UBER important summer issue of Kraft Canada's What's Cooking recipe magazine. I hate recipe magazines, but this one is different. Every recipe I've ever tried from this magazine is 1. amazingly delicious and everyone in my house loves it, which is a small miracle in itself, 2. easily adaptable for store brand items instead of name brand items for people with 900 kids and a tight budget and 3. easily changable so that I can do what I do with every recipe and tweak it to make it my own. I love this magazine & look forward to every issue (and have saved every issue for the last several years).

So there ya go. TIWIARN. Literally. But not for long, because I need a coffee. And I'm thinking... so that I don't feel like a complete spazz, everyone reading this should have someone take a shot of YOU at your desk, and post it this week at your blog so that we can all take a peek into your world too. I think that would be cool, don't you? I know I'd enjoy seeing you folks in your bloggy element, as it were. Okay, time for coffee.

Oh, and not including this sentence, it was only worth 882 words. Yes, I counted just for kicks.