Tuesday, May 22, 2007


As busy and fun-filled as my weekend was (and it was), something happened on Sunday that I have a hard time getting off my mind. I've written about this before but it seems like whenever I do write about it I never quite say what it is that I wanted to say. Or maybe it's that the situation doesn't change, and so it feels like saying anything about it was fruitless. I'm not really sure but it's a frustrating thing for me, and Kev and I discussed it on the way home from church, and again yesterday morning.

This thing I refer to is church worship music. Specifically, those songs that are chosen for the congregation to sing in worship, that are so man-centered and filled with bad doctrine I honestly can't bring myself to sing the words. I can't sing them because I don't agree with them - which leaves me in an awkward place, standing with the congregation to sing, but my lips aren't moving. (I have a hunch there are more than a few people out there that know exactly what I'm talking about?)

It seems there are 2 kinds of worship songs. Those that exalt the glorious attributes of God and His grace toward undeserving sinners - and those that focus specifically on the feelings of men towards Him. I am not without feeling or emotion, and I completely get wanting to express my love for my God. The problem though, or so it seems, is that so many of these kinds of songs that focus on men's feelings were written by those that don't actually believe in the sovereignty of God in the salvation of man. Boiled down to two things, these songs simply say "I love the Lord that I chose to follow". In other words - it's all about me. WRONG.

It's all about Him. Always has been, always will be. Always should be.

Rant over.