Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why... yes I do

do YOU need a customized mug?Custom mugs, that is. Mugs for bloggers, mugs for churches, mugs for whatever you want a mug for. You can even put your mug on a mug, were you so inclined to do such a thing.

Kim has one, Jen has one, Jen's hubby has one and theres all kinds of folkses that have the 5 Solas mug with their church info on the other side.

White mugs, one sided mugs, colored, two-sided, you can even order a whole whack of them and get a bulk discount.

If you need a custom mug, just give me a shout. All proceeds from this endeavor go toward buying fabric to sew my girls modest clothing so we don't have to shop at SkankWorld and make excuses for the way our girls dress. Oh, and school books.

If a custom mug isn't your thing, there's also 95 of them right here to choose from. Mugs make the perfect gift for just about anyone!