Sunday, May 20, 2007

What I Did On My May Two Four Long Weekend, by Carla Rolfe

Alternately titled: This Is What Some People Do When Gas is $1.10 a Liter and Your Holiday Weekend is Up in Smoke

Well the long weekend still has one more day to go, but here's what I did so far:

On Friday I mowed down the jungle that is supposed to be our badminton court. Before I did that though, I had to pull all the broken limbs out of the tall grass - from the tree that fell during our last ice/wind storm. Getting that out of the way took a while first, and then I mowed.

After that, I fixed a broken link in a swing on the swingset, mowed my faerie garden & put all the faeries back where they belong (they hibernate in the winter - betcha didn't know that - didja?)

Then, I did a little bit of weeding around my currant bush/strawberry bed, but gave up because 1. I was dog tired and 2. the weeds are thick. I'll get back to that another day. Friday night was movie/pizza night with the added bonus of chocolate fondue & a fruit tray. Oh man... chocolate fondue and fresh pineapple? What a way to go, that's all I can say.

On Saturday, I dropped Jessica off at the church so her and a friend could meet up there and go goof off in town for the day - then I went grocery shopping and bought a dog brush to brush our poor, ancient border collie (who resembles a neglected stuffed animal just now). Came home, brushed out the dog and stripped some more wallpaper from Samuel's walls. Saturday night watched The DaVinci Code on a movie channel and traded commentary back and forth with Kev about Gandalf being gay, and lunatic secret societies, revisionist history, and the fact that the RC church has nothing to do with Biblical Christianity in the first place. I still like Tom Hanks, even though that was a wretched movie.

Sunday I went to church & heard a great sermon on Abraham being an example of obedient, hopeful and surrendering faith. Yes pastor Ken is still in Hebrews and if it takes him another 6 months to get through the hall of faith, I'm completely okay with that. He's a great preacher and this is a great place in Scripture to spend lots of time.

Sunday is not over yet so I have no idea what else I'm going to do today, but it wont be outside because it's windy (wind is evil) and chilly.

Tomorrow morning is the whoop-dee-doo of all local area, community yard sales and that's where I'll be at 8 am - Lord willing. Don't have but a few bucks to take with me but the amazing thing about this yard sale is, you take $20 and you COULD come home with $200 worth of stuff you needed/wanted. I'm good with that.

I will come home and make a to DIE for sour cream/cinnamon/caramel coffee cake, Kev will barbeque his world famous burgers, and friends from down south will come over. Okay they're not THAT far south, just an hour or so down the highway. They will not be bringing their toothpaste-eating-beagle, because 2 terrorist beagles in one house is too much for any self respecting Christian women to be expected to tolerate.

We'll eat, talk, laugh, talk about all of you, and then I will crash and sleep like a log - completely worn out from a long weekend.

We couldn't afford to go anywhere or even buy fireworks (#sob!#) but it's been a good weekend all the same.

Oh, and somwhere in there I managed to do this too:

New Stuff

And now... I have to go find something useful to do around my house. I think I'll fold some May Two Four laundry & pretend we're at the cottage. Or... maybe I'll just take a nap?