Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wednesday Fun Miscellanies

soooo purdy!
Well yesterday was just an amazing day for flora & fauna. Not only did I have an enjoyable time taking pics of the birds around here - but the hummingbirds have returned to the feeders as well. Pics coming today, I hope.

Last night we decided to do our family devotion on the deck, and we were pleasantly interrupted by this beautiful animal leaping through the field. Now just how cool is that?

Speaking of cool... just a couple of hours later the bats were out in full force, and about an hour after that, we could hear that pack of coyotes and coyote puppies outside. Indeed it was an action packed day for God's creatures to be out in full force.

In other trivial news...

Reflections Apparel & Giftware now has Maternity T-shirts! I know, I know, that's only exciting for a very small percentage of people, but they're very cool and you can see them HERE.

In a word... GACK There's also this new line in the "In a Word..." collection. Sometimes, one word is all you need, eh?

Gack, similarly to UGH and PFFFT comes in both mens and womens, in a wide variety of colors and styles.

You could wear a different one each day, and you'd never be without a witty retort to the day's events!

Speaking of cool t-shirts...

I'm gearing up for another giveaway. That's right, FREE stuff, coming soon to a blog near you. This time it's not going to be a random drawing like before, you're actually going to have to work for it!

Nate at Waterless Places recently had a FREE book giveaway, and he gave me a brilliant idea for our next Reflections Giveaway. So essentially it's all his fault and you can go over there and blame him (he wont mind, I'm sure) when you see the rules for the next giveaway, which will be for Father's Day. This is going to be loads of fun.

And with that, I have things to do, so off with you now. Go outside and enjoy spring, or something.

Oh... and Blake is leaving AI tonight. So there.