Thursday, May 24, 2007

Up a Tree

RipleyWhen I was a little kid, any time I wanted to get away from everyone there was one place I knew I could go where no one would follow me. Yep, way up in the top of the pear tree, where no one in their right mind would follow. From up there I could be alone to think, to watch the birds, and have a great view of the entire neighborhood. No one would bother me because no one else was dense enough to climb as high as I always did.

This morning Rachel came inside and told me we had another raccoon in the tree. A few nights ago we had one sleeping in the juniper tree outside the kitchen window, and a few hours after it got dark, he was gone. More than likely it was this same little guy right here, who today chose the walnut tree in the front yard, for his nap time. Every once in a while he'd open his eyes and shift his position a little, but otherwise he snoozed there in the same spot for about 14 hours today.

Up a tree

It's sort of funny, but if he was trying to pick THE noisest place in the whole world to sleep, he did a fine job. Between kids that refused to leave him alone all day (for the record, raccoons do not come to "here kitty kitty"), 2 cats and 2 dogs that are as obnoxious as the day is long - this was in fact the worst place he could have picked to have a good day's sleep. Yet, it didn't seem to bother him in the least.

More than likely, he knew no one was coming up the tree to hassle him. Maybe I was on to something when I was a little kid? Maybe the next time I really want to be left alone I'll climb up the closest tree and go all the way to the top, like I did when I was 10.

Nahhh... I'd fall out. My claws aren't nearly as long as Ripley's. Yep, I named him. Blog readers, meet Ripley the Raccoon.