Friday, May 25, 2007

Saturday Stuff

I learned something about myself today, that I never knew before. While going through the selection of books & resources at my book blog to add categories for each, this is what I learned about me:

Those numbers after the categories indicate how many resources are in that particular category. So far (and I'm not done yet!) there are over 80 categories/authors listed in a combined list, to make navigating the blog a little easier - to find what you're looking for. Out of that list, those 5 categories above, are the top five.

So what I learned about myself was this: of all the books that get my attention the most, books I've either read, want to read, and/or think others should read, those are the topics that catch my eye the most. The top three aren't really a surprise or anything, since I'm a mother and a wife, so parenting, family and gift giving is all part & parcel of who I am/what I do.

I was pleased however to notice that discipleship and pastoral works were also in the top five. I think that means I know I need more discipling (that may well indeed qualify for the understatement of the decade), and books written for pastors, by pastors, or to edify leadership in the local church are all books that are dear to me.

It's not very often I discover something about myself that I didn't already know, so this was interesting to me today to notice.

Name Above AllNot that it has anything to do with me, except for the fact that I created it, this is my newest addition at the store. I've been wanting to do this one for about a year now, and for some reason just never got to it. I finished this tonight, and I think I was probably motivated by noting the fact that I know how much more I have to learn, and grow in grace.

Like most all things at the store, this design is available on mens, womens, kids and a decent selection of gift items. Of all the designs I've done over the years, I think I'm the most pleased with this one right here.

With that said, I'm leaving. Not for good or anything like that, but tomorrow morning we're piling all sleepy kids in the van and heading for the beach. We'll be back sometime late Sunday.

Have a great weekend and be sure to spend the Lord's Day in His house, with His people, if at all possible.

See ya!