Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Penny For Your Thoughts – a meme

time keeps on tickin'... Alternately titled for you classic rock music buffs – the: If I Could Save Time in a Bottle meme.

Okay this one’s easy and fun. The idea for this actually came to me while I was doing chores this morning. Yep, I blame housework for meme ideas.

Grab 10 coins out of your pocket, purse, couch cushion or wherever it is you keep your loose change. You have to have 10 uniquely dated coins, so if you get a duplicate, pull out another until you have 10 unique dates. See? Easy.

Next, tell your readers a little about YOU, the year that coin was minted.

Here’s mine:

1961: My mom was thinking just how much she’d love to have a brilliant, beautiful, witty, obedient little girl. Three years later she got me, instead. Sorry mom.

1973: I was 8 years old and living in the white house on the corner with the pear tree in the yard. My biggest worry was walking my bike to the corner gas station to pump a flat tire, or if Dairy Queen was out of pineapple for their amazing pineapple milkshakes.

1974: I was 9 and still living in the same place. This was the year I started keeping a diary, and decided Bobby Baker was the cutest boy in the world. My friend Kaola (pronounced Kay-ah-la) was a Bay City Rollers junkie, and I discovered Fleetwood Mac that summer. For the record, the mid 70’s were hands down the most endearing times of my life.

1978: 14 years old and would enter highschool in the fall. Terrified of the idea, and wished I was back in 1974 all over again. Fleetwood Mac made way for a time of Rush, Journey, James Taylor, Chicago, The Eagles, Kansas, Boston and Bread. Some of those stuck for a few years, others didn’t. I still love many of those.

1986: I would turn 22 at the end of the year, and I was married that year to my late husband Ben, on Valentine’s Day. We also had Jennifer that year. It was one of the very best years of my life. (Even if I did discover metal and become a headbanger. Thankfully, that didn’t last too long and drain bamage was minimal).

1993: Turned 29 that year and we were living back in WA after twice moving to the California desert, and twice moving back. This was the mid-way point of Ben’s battle with cancer and a year before we both got saved.

1998: I turned 34 at the end of that year. I remarried that year to Kev and moved to Canada. Huge life change and genuinely happy again for the first time in a very long time. I laughed more that year, than I ever thought humanly possible.

2002: 38 years old by year’s end and would discover right before Christmas that I was pregnant with baby #7. Moved out of the city and into the country (where we still live now) and lived through driving in my very first whiteout/blizzard. It was very cool, but don’t try this at home. In fact, stay home in a blizzard, and eat pie or cheetos or something else fattening and mood altering.

2004: Turned 40 that year & started a blog. I know, what was I thinking??? I guess this was my mid-life crisis?

2006: 42 years old and still living in the country, still blogging. Oldest two daughters are moved out on their own, and I became a GRANDMA in August. We also found a new home church this year, and we’re still there, loving it more and more all the time.

Now, I rarely tag people on memes (because most people think memes are stupid and a waste of time, and they think you’re a dipstick if you do them) but this time I’m tagging:

James (because I know he wont do it, and if he does I'll fall out my window in shock)
Jen (because she cracks me up)
Nathan (because he’s in Atlanta and I love Georgia)
Kim (because she tells a story like you were there, and it’s very cool)
Eddie (because I can and because he already knows I’m a dipstick)

Now wasn't that fun?