Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yesterday morning on the way home from running errands I turned on the local Christian radio station. It doesn't come in very clearly where we live, but I can get it on the radio in the van, and I remembered Pastor John MacArthur was on at that hour and I very much enjoy listening to him. Yesterday's message was delivered to seminary students, and it was about pacing yourself in your preaching. While it was directed to pastors, I got a lot out of it as it pertains to studying the Scritpures as well. The one thing pastor John emphasized was that it's always better to go slow, than to go fast and zip through any text. Gaining a deep understanding by taking your time through any text, is always better than having a surface knowledge.

I thought about how that also applies to Christian blogging. More directly to the point was how it applies to my Christian blogging. Pacing yourself in this realm is important too, since a thorough post is much better than an off-the-cuff type of post.

We've all read the excellent posts out there on Christian blogging - all the do's and don'ts and how to make your blog a good resource and an edifying place for people to visit. Well, yesterday I did a DON'T and I wanted to clear that up.

In my post about church worship music, I might have made it appear that I was being snarky about my church. Indeed I was not. I love my church and I'm grateful to have one to worship in, where solid truth is preached from the Scriptures. If I had to make a list of all the great things about my church, and then make another list of all the things where my church could improve, the "great things" list would be huge, and the "areas to improve" would be so small, you'd all move to Ontario just to go to my church. :-)

In Christian blogging - it's wise to compose and save, and publish later after proofing & editing at least one more time - especially if it's an important topic (as opposed to recipes, pics of beagles & stuff like that, you know?) I didn't do that yesterday and I'm sorry for that.

With all of that said - the topic of worship music is a legitimate one, and I appreciate the suggestions you all left in the comments and/or email. In my own personal situation, I am certain that I'm far more likely to be sensitive to this topic because of my time spent in the charismatic/free will church in the 90's.

And now, I have things to do in and around the house. If you wanted to help me strip wallpaper, feel free to come on over and bring a ladder. Samuel's ceilings are 12 feet high. Bring pie too, we'll need that for high energy levels, or something like that.