Friday, May 11, 2007

ONLINE SHOPPERS: To Your Battle Stations!

In Canoodia, the May 24 holiday officially kicks off the summer season. It doesn't matter that the May 24 (that's pronounced "May Two Four" - never say "May 24th" or everyone will know you're not a Canuck) weekend this year is actually the weekend BEFORE the 24th, that's the official May 24 weekend.

In the states, it's the Memorial Day weekend that officially opens the doorway to summer. Growing up, we called that day Decoration Day and always made a family trip across the state for the weekend to the homes of my late, great-aunts Lola & Emma, and we'd spend at least part of one day, taking flowers to the cemetary in honor of family members no longer with us. The last time I made that trip was 1983, and I sure miss that family tradition.

For most people though, both the May 24 weekend and Memorial Day weekend mean time off work, the first sunburns of the year, barbequing stuff, the heralding in of the fleet of mosquitos that will stay all summer long... and spending lots of time with friends and family. 'Tis the season of Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduations and oodles of outdoor, fun in the sun time.

Rolfes AmazonFor that reason, I've spent a wee bit of time this morning updating our Rolfe's Amazon store, adding a few nifty gift & outdoor items for your online shopping pleasure. I'll be adding/editing more items in the various categories there, throughout the day and over the weekend.

Stop by and have a peek, and be sure to add us as your amazon shopping portal. We do our best to weed out the *stuff* and only include family friendly items (although a few things do slip through every once in a while). Your patronage there, allows us to shop there too! So it's a win/win, and we all love that.