Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's a Baby

I sometimes jokingly say that I’m never going to read or watch the news again. Of course I don’t really mean I’m going to stick my head in the sand and ignore what’s going on in the world (or the smaller world around me) but it sure is tempting at times. Especially when it seems like all you ever see in the news is more and more evidence of man’s depravity and the depths to which human wickedness can go. Sometimes reading about it or watching it on tv is just too much, so I do go for a day or two at times without reading any news, but that’s on a very rare occaision. More realistically, I check the news first thing in the morning and then again in the evening – and just skim the headlines for articles that catch my interest.

That’s what I did yesterday when I came across this particular article that absolutely infuriated me. I wanted nothing more than to write about it at the time, but I had things to do yesterday that prevented me from really investing the time into sitting and writing, so I just set it aside. I tried not to think about it (much) and sort of hoped it would drift out of my thoughts. That didn’t happen, as I haven’t been able to get it off my mind all day today.

The gist of the article was that a 22 yr old woman was arrested and initially charged for having a “fetus” in her freezer. At first report the authorities didn’t seem to know how old this “fetus” was, and were considering charging this young woman with some sort of a charge relating to improper handling of a human corpse. The problem was, the “fetus” (according to the law in the state where this was discovered) couldn’t be legally considered a human being unless it was over a certain amount of weeks old. According to one report:

“Lt. Daniel Herrmann said the abuse of a corpse charge applies only to human beings. Under the law, he said, a fetus is not considered a human being.” – source

Therefore, the young woman can’t be charged with anything if the “fetus” was under the age guidelines. As it turns out, the baby was the young woman’s and she miscarried at 20 weeks. Her motives are not explained in the story but legally she didn’t do anything to be charged with and yet she’s still in jail. Most folks wouldn’t do that if they lost a baby, but for whatever reason, she did.

Now you’ll notice everywhere I used the word “fetus” I used it in this way. Let’s make something clear right off the bat – we’re talking about a BABY here, and everyone knows it. Using a different word doesn’t change what that baby was. Sadly, our sick and twisted society has become so brainwashed into such nonsense that even the mainstream media thinks they’re going to alter the impact somehow of a story like this if they use the word “fetus”. I couldn’t help but wonder if it were discovered that this baby were indeed over the “can’t be considered a human being” age limit, if updates to the story would no longer contain the word “fetus” but instead, the baby would be called a baby?

Which brings me to my next point, and what really made me angry to begin with (and caused Kev to hear a little mini-sermon before I left to run errands yesterday morning), and that is, that we (civilized society?) actually have a law on the books somewhere that dictates to us WHEN a human being can be legally considered a human being. Of course this isn’t anything new, but every time it comes up it ticks me off all over again. Are we really and truly that stupid, that we have to be told when or IF a baby is technically a human being? Apparently we are, since we had to put laws in place to tell us what to think about babies, and when they become human beings.

I fully realize that part of the whole insane Pro Death v. Pro Life debate consists of the“what defines a human being?” question but the interesting thing is that one dictionary definition simply says:
“A member of the genus Homo and especially of the species H. sapiens.” – American Heritage Dictionary
In case no one was looking, a baby in utero cannot be anything other than a member of the genus Homo, and especially the species of homosapiens. And in case no one was paying attention, the irony of the source of this definition...

American Heritage?

What is exactly is our American heritage? If you stop and consider that at least in the USA that for the last 34 years (and 4 months to be exact, on the 22nd of this month) American children have grown up in a culture that teaches them life is not precious, and human babies can be called something other than babies (or humans) and they are disposable. Yes indeed, since January 22, 1973, we have raised our children in a culture of death, and then dare have the nerve to wring our hands and shake our heads in dismay and shock when our young people in society commit heinous and brutal crimes against other people. I ask again, are we really that stupid? Is this our American heritage?

Every time (read: every time) this subject comes up for me, I cannot help but think of this verse in Isaiah:

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! (Is. 5:20,21)

We live in a culture that calls evil (abortion) good, and good (sanctity of life) evil. It exalts darkness and runs from the light. It rejoices in the bitter and cringes at the sweet. What’s more – the source for these laws on our books and the education of Americans for the last 34+ years? That source is men and women who study and make it their business to be well educated in law, politics, religion and societal trends. They are wise – in their own eyes, and they are prudent – in their own sight, and they do and promote and support the very things God will judge them severely for.

I wont presume to know what went through the heart and mind of that 22 yr. Old woman who kept her miscarried baby in her freezer. The last I read, she’s still being held on half a million dollars bond, and still facing a charge of abuse of a corpse.

I wonder though, if she’ll be glad if the charges are dropped because the law says her baby isn’t even a baby, let alone a human being?