Thursday, May 10, 2007


Then just do it already and stop pretending that you’re not doing it, buy using replacement words in order to fool the listener (and yourself) into thinking you’re not really cussing.

Then when people ask you why you’re cussing all the while you call yourself a Christian, please write a 50 page essay that excuses you from following what the Scriptures say about our language & the example we are in a lost and fallen world. Oh, and be sure to include in there that Paul used obscene language in his day too, that’s always handy. Don't forget to mention your Christian liberty and make a reference to how language is cultural & all that.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Then ask yourself if when you pray, you speak to God in the same way. If you do, you need some serious self-examination time (or as my gma would suggest, a slap upside the head). If you don't speak to God that way in prayer, then you'd better be asking yourself why you are a hypocrite about your language.

This is directed at whomever it applies to.