Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Fluff 'N Stuff

No Friday BlogFodder today, but instead you get a garden variety of left overs. Just a few disjointed/smallish tidbits of what's on my mind today. Some might be links, some might not:

• The Father's Day giveaway is now open - but at least 2 of you can't see but half the post. Not a clue if anyone else can see it because no one's commenting. Ahem... you can't win if you don't comment. (*snort) (You also can't enter if you can't even see the post - so if anyone else is having trouble viewing, please let me know??)

• Campi has a great post on the impeccability of Christ. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend that you do that.

Amazed by GraceThe web version of my store's newsletter is now online and you can check that out here. I've also created this new design since the newsletter went out, and it will be featured in next week's newsletter. You get the sneek peek first.

Did I mention that its my goal to become the largest, non-corny, non-lame Christian t-shirt retailer online? Well then, now that I've mentioned it, there you have it.

I have 45 exclusively Christian designs right now, but I've been able to create on average about 2 new desgins a week. At this rate, by the end of this year I'll have (rough, ballpark figures) over 100 unique Christian designs.

Considering the #1 google ranked Christian t-shirt retailer online currently has 165 designs (most of which I'd never wear even if you paid me grotesque amounts of cash, for the simple reason that they're so cheesy I'd die of humiliation as soon as I put the garment on), I'll be pretty close to that goal.

• Did you notice Blogger now has AUTO save instead of save to draft? That's right kids, blogger now autosaves your posts AS your writing them, and sends them to the drafters in case your power goes out, or aliens steal your thoughts, or any other crazy reason you have for not saving like you should have. It seems to be refreshing every minute or so, so it's a pretty nifty little improvement. We like nifty improvements, they rock.

• You know you've shirked your duties as homemaker when you clean under your 9 year old's bed and lift up the corner of the area rug to find a... very flat, very stiff.... very dead mouse. EWWWW! Ahhh, country living.

• I had a few other things on my mind but for the life of me I forgot what they were. I need an auto-save for blog thoughts. That would be handy.

Have a great Friday kids - it's movie/pizza night here in RolfeLand, and I'm making chocolate covered banana chips for treats. Mmmm...