Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday BlogFodder: May 4, 2007

with 11 essential vitamins and minerals, for a strong and healthy coat Well kids, it's Friday again. You know what that means... just a short list of where I've been this week on the internet. Some are cool, some are weird, some are both. I'll let you decide which is which:

• Go here to the Guiness Book of Records to see some freebies. (All the usual disclaimers apply - as some of these pics are sorta on the freak-a-zoid side of things.)

• Do you visit pastor Paul's blog? If not, you should - he's got some good stuff there. Plus, he's Tim Challies' pastor, so if you wanted to tattle on Tim about stuff, now you know where to go. Cooler yet, he's a fellow 24 junkie addict fan. You could be really gracious and send him one of these as a token of your appreciation for his blog. (*snicker)

• Nathan Busenitz at Pulpit Magazine did a great 4 part series on Christian blogging. It was a good read - challenging and affirming all at the same time. Plus, they've updated their blogroll over there and I'm still on it! I must be doing something right?

• Wee, small, tiny little links. Literally.

Free books! (with one small catch, you have to be clever). Deadline is noon on Friday so get your brain working and get over there.

• The internet is quite literally filled with massive amounts of trash - we all know this. Thankfully, there are folks who make it their business to counter that with stuff like this. Now you get on over there and set aside an hour or nine, and be blessed.

• Here's an interesting turn of events. Not a bit surprised either.

• This is a great site for easy, and delicious recipes. I get the magazine and have used numerous recipes from it and every single one is a huge hit.

Have a great Friday!