Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Do You Have Birds on the Brain?

Today was much busier than I would have preferred, but that's just the way it goes sometimes. The coolest thing happened though, and for those of you that are new readers, you're about to find out just how obsessed I am with with bird watching.

A few days ago, I was 99% sure I heard a Baltimore Oriole outside. This was cool, because May is typically heavy spring migration time for the song birds - so that meant they were already here! So... I asked Kev to pick up a few oranges for them. We slice the orange in half and stick one half on a nail on the windowsill outside the game room where we spend most of our time - and we stick the other half on the platform feeder next to the cherry tree.

So yesterday, Kev cut the orange and put it out there and I'd forgotten all about it.

taken May 13 2005I was just about to get up and get some chores started this morning, when the phone rang. I sat back down to talk to my friend on the other end of the line, and when I looked toward the window, I saw the unmistakable bright orange flash of color streak by it. I looked a little closer and sure enough, the male Oriole was at the window, and just seconds later the female was too!! I got so excited I told my friend on the phone "there's an oriole at the window!" like everyone else in the world is as excited about this stuff as I am. (They're not, but they should be, orioles are cool - and here's proof - they even pose for me when they see me coming with my camera, lol.)

So, May 1st and spring migration started off with a surprising treat for me. Yay, go me!

And in other news...

I spent some time working on the weekly newsletter for the store, which is up at the store site now if you'd like to take a look at that. For those of you who subscribe via email, you'll get yours in the morning.

I also re-did the whole customer comment page, with additional photographs. You might even see someone there you know...