Saturday, May 19, 2007

Changing the rules as we go along...

Just in time for it to completely mess up my store's latest giveaway, haloscan commenting appears to be on the fritz - half the time working just fine, other times not working at all.

Therefore, I've updated the official rules and will note it here as well:

You may also email your link to me, that you'd like to have considered as your Best Dad Ever contest submission.

And in other news...

Wallpaper and kids = THE dumbest idea in the history of all dumb ideas, ever.

Almost every room in my house is wallpapered. I guess it when it was all done, it was all the rage and that's what everyone was doing, or something. What I know for sure, is that either my kids are the most destructive kids on the planet, or there is just something about a loose corner of wallpaper that kids cannot resist touching and pulling. The thing is, once wallpaper has been ripped, loosened or written on - you cannot fix it - you have to remove it! Then, once you remove it, IF you don't have extra wallpaper of the same pattern or color, you have to remove it ALL, then do something about the ugly wall underneath.


I am currently in the process of stripping the wallpaper from my 6 yr old son's room, and I'm just glad it's a fairly small room. Two summers ago I did the same thing in the girl's room - but their room is 3 times the size of his, and it took forever.

Their walls ended up apple blossom pink, with a sky blue ceiling and handpainted clouds. It's very cool, it still looks great 2 years later.

Samuel's room will be pale blue walls with a deep blue ceiling. I'm going to bleed the deep blue down into pale blue wall about 8-12 inches so that it blends nice. I'm looking forward to that part of the job. :-) A great project for those rainy spring days - and because it's such a small room, it wont take long at all to complete.

The best thing about it is, the walls will be washable and there will be no loose corners to tug on and destroy.

Wallpaper and kids... bah humbug!