Saturday, June 9, 2007

BEST DAD EVER: Father's Day Giveaway

Please check your email on Monday June 11, to see if you've won!
On Monday, I'll list all the links for your reading enjoyment.


Rules (more or less):
• Compose a post at your blog (or leave it in the comments here if you’re not a blogger but a reader only) and leave a link to it, explaining why your Dad (or step-dad) is the Best Dad Ever. If you grew up under a grandfather, or uncle (or any other male role model that took on the role of “Dad” in your life) instead of a Dad, please feel welcome to join in, since that counts too! Make your post as long as you like, and include all the good stuff, the hard stuff, and the bittersweet stuff. Remember, this is a tribute to Godly dads and why they’re so important, so be as detailed as you can. It can be a retelling of one special event, or that defining moment when you realized your Dad was also your friend, or anything you like. (Alternately - you may also email a link to me to your post that you'd like to have considered for your giveaway entry. Haloscan commenting seems to be rather sporadic these days so if that route doesn't work, please do shoot me your link via email.)

• Please encourage all your blogging buddies to join in and leave a link here in the comment section so our panel of judges can compile all the essays and give ourselves time to read them all. (I’m hoping for a HUGE response to this, because Dads should be honoured!)

• Official panel of judges consist of myself, Kevin, and our 16 yr old daughter Jessica. We’ll be the Randy, Paula and Simon of the Father’s Day Contest. (I get to be Simon, that’s all I know.)

• Contest officially opens Midnight Friday, May 18th and closes at midnight Friday, June 8th. (This gives you 3 weeks to compose your best, BEST DAD EVER blog post!) Any links posted after June 8th will be welcome as a general comment but will not qualify for the contest.

• The winners of the contest will be decided by the panel of judges sometime on the weekend of the 8th, and notified by email on Monday June 11th. (Please make sure you have an email contact listed at your blog because I’m too lazy to track it down).

• Due to shipping costs, the contest is only open to residents of the US and Canada. We'd love to ship worldwide (and the store does!) but we're covering the shipping on this one so we had to draw the line somewhere.

After the contest deadline I will put all the links in one main post for everyone to enjoy for Father’s Day.

Now for the goodies:

There will be a first place winner, and a runner up! That’s right, 2 prizes to be awarded to the most stirring tribute to the Best Dad Ever, and whoever comes in second. First place winner will receive their choice of one of these products:

Men's Dark Ts

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We have over 65 different designs in the men’s dark Ts, so be sure to pick your favourite color, size and design, and we’ll get that shipped in time for Father’s Day, Lord willing!

Second place winner likewise gets their from the Value T selection:

Men's Value T

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Same applies there – make sure you have your size and design choice ready so we can get that off in a speedy fashion for Father’s Day.

With either choice, if you see a design you’d like that isn’t on the dark or the value T, just say the word and we’ll do what we can to get that on there for you.

That’s it. Now, get yourself started on the most stirring tribute to the BEST DAD EVER, and shoot me your link beginning Friday May 18th. Just leave the link right here in the comment section of this post.

We’re all looking forward to some pretty incredible DAD stories, so, may the best DAD win!

Hat tip to Nate for the idea for this giveaway!