Monday, April 2, 2007

Who is this?

(WARNING: lame attempt at a bit of poetic writing ahead, this was a dream last night)

I didn't want to look into her eyes, but I wanted to look into her eyes. I knew if I did, I'd see the scars of the dark seasons of life, that make her what she is today and that make her what she is today, that I admire so much. She's so strong and yet sometimes frail. So brave and yet at times so afraid. Her strength is strength I desire for myself, because I am weak.

So I looked into her eyes and there it was. The pain, the betrayal, the lies, the wounds, and the unmistakable scars of a long life, harder than you or I will ever know. All of that wrapped in a blood, sweat and tear stained robe of grace and mercy, as she smiled and said "His grace is sufficient for me".

She meant every word. She knew no platitudes.

Knowing that she meant it, meant so much.

No shame in her tears, she made one simple plea: "His grace is sufficient for you too, child".

Do you know who I'm talking about? I bet you do, you know her too.