Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Very Short Book Meme

Libbie tagged me for this very small meme. When I first skimmed it I thought "oh it's short, this will be easy". TA! It's not as easy as I first thought, because I don't read as much as I used to. In any event, here we go:

Name three characters (from books)...

1). You wish were real so you could meet them.

The smallest garden faerie in my faerie story, RuEm.

2). You would like to be.

Well, they're not 'characters', they were real people. Since I just recently read (and was blessed by) again about Martha and Mary, I'll say I'd like to be a combination of the best character traits of both of them.

3). Who scare you.

Cave trolls.

And now, I'm tagging....

Jen, Rebecca, and Kim - three characters who blog and also love books (and read more than I do, I'm guessing).