Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stop the presses, blogger goes beserko!

In light of this morning's news on a proposed "bloggers code of conduct" (if you really want to be heard, leave your comment there) and the fact that I'm so sick I couldn't have a useful thought if you paid me, I'm offering a repost from last month. Make of it what you will.


Well here we go. Conservative blogger gets on the last nerve of some guy with propriety (and other, apparently) issues and he pays her back by being a creep. Gee, there's a shocker: bad internet conduct. You can read the full article here if you really want to get the meat behind this one.

I read this last night as I was about to shut down for the night and thought to myself, "1994, anyone?"

The more things change (online communication) the more things stay the same. Back in '94 when Senator Exon got the idea to draft the Communications Decency Act and put laws into place to give law enforcement the teeth of the law they needed to nail 'net perverts & lunatics for the crimes they were committing, I'll give you ONE guess who the loudest voices were that opposed the legislation.

Give up? Okay, it was the perverts and lunatics that had themselves in a perfect tizzy over the idea of such laws. How DARE the US government put laws into place to restrict perverted, demented, depraved and sociopathic conduct online!!

Fast forward to 2007. Some folks are now bantering around the idea to regulate blogging, or put in place some kind of a code of conduct for bloggers. My question is, why re-invent the wheel? In case no one noticed, thanks to the initial efforts of Senator Exon in 1994 (and numerous others) we do now have laws in place to address numerous kinds of criminal conduct online, and it does apply to bloggers as well. You probably didn't know that, did you?
Sure there are loopholes that the creepiest of the creeps will find the backdoor for, but that applies in every situation with law & order, doesn't it?

As a Christian blogger, I can't help but wonder how (if, and a big if) someone were to draft legislation how this might affect what we say and how we say it. I can't help but wonder also if the Holy Spirit actively working in our lives is so easily ignored that we don't already have blogging guidelines in place? I'm not even sure that question made sense, but I knew what I meant, lol.

I wonder...

If anyone really sits around and thinks about how online communication in 2007 has drastically changed the way we communicate globally for the cause of Christ, and how THAT should really be our primary focus as Christian bloggers.

I'm going to guess yes, they do. I'm also going to guess that for those that do this, the idea of regulating or legislating blogging wouldn't negatively impact most of us anyway. It might for some, who routinely take on such things as Islam, but truly... cannot God make a way when their seems to be no way? Can He not thoroughly equip those He has called, to do the very thing He's called them to do? Indeed He can, and does.

I guess I'm idealistic, but I really don't see an issue here. I might though, if I was a pervert, lunatic or some other kind of whacko that felt restricted by laws that forced me into being responsible and a good internet neighbor.

Funny thing that, I don't feel forced to conduct myself that way at all.

I prefer it.

What do you think about all this?