Sunday, April 1, 2007

A New Page

For those of you who were here already to see the new blog, you'll notice I nuked the last two posts and your comments along with them! Actually, installing haloscan commenting nuked the comments, but that's just one of those things that can't be helped.

It's weird in a way, moving my blog after all this time. I suppose it's like any other kind of move. You look forward to it, but even as much as you look forward to it, you're used to the old place, comfortable with the way things work, and it's a bit of an adjustment getting used to the new. I suppose it'll be that way here too, at least for a time.

I know everyone won't be too thrilled with the new layout, but I much prefer it this way and a big HT to Kristina Hansen for not only giving me the idea for this particular template, but for also nudging me into giving the header & sidebars a bit of color. I like things decent and in order (just don't look in my closets, you'll never come back!) and this template works really well for me, for that purpose.

You'll notice in the sidebar that I've imported "Look Who's Talking". Those threads listed there are still from the archived Reflections, so that's going to look a little funky until you all fill it up with new comments at this blog. (nudge, nudge).

Speaking of archives, I do plan to make a little sidebar addition for those that like to go back and find out what kind of a nutcase has been writing here for the last 3 years. It's handy to have that, it helps to get to know the blogger a bit.

If you prefer email reading, feel free to subscribe via Feedblitz, in the left sidebar.

Other than that, content is more or less the same - and unless there's something I've forgotten to mention, which is entirely possible - welcome to the new blog. It's spring, tulips are beginning to bloom, and it's a good time for new beginnings.

May God be glorified in what I write here.