Monday, April 30, 2007

Moron Alert?

If there is a way to cover a wide variety of current topics affecting individual Christians, and the Christian church at large, Neil Shay figured out how to address it all in one fell swoop:

"Hijacked. By morons."

In his post he describes a ridiculous anti-global warming slogan called Flick Off, being aimed at teenagers and endorsed by the Ontario government. In the article linked we read this:

"Flick Off promoters say the campaign is a hip, edgy way of getting the environmental message through to teenagers."

I couldn't help but read that this way:

"EC promoters say the movement is a hip, edgy way of getting the gospel message through to the unchurched."

It's exactly the same message. Exactly.

So in one very short post, Buggy has nailed modesty, propriety, public education and pragmatism gone insane. And I realize that I run the risk of being thought of us unloving, unkind or un-hip, but I'm going to quote Buggy one more time:

"Hijacked. By morons."