Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Miscellanies In RolfeLand

Well then... I should write a manual on how to have a really SNARK-O-RAMA day. You know, for when things are just going too well, and you haven't had a rotten day in a while, and desire to even things out. I'm sure it would be a bestseller.

I'm way too busy for that though, so I wont.

The Cutest Baby in the Universe I finally got around to uploading some new pics over yonder at my Flickr account. It took some doing, since they merged with Yahoo! and Yahoo! was the sound it made when it ate my old Flickr ID/login and left me out in the cold, battling to get logged in and straighten the whole mess out. A couple of hours I could have spent eating chocolate, spent instead duking it out with yahoos that flicker. How intelligent. Anyhoo (and not yahoo), there are some shots of the girls & the cutest baby in the universe up there.

I also managed to find some time to put in on my faerie story, and get it off to the super-fantastic, ever-kind, wonderfully complimentary lady who proofreads & edits such things. She also reads this blog so hopefully she'll see all those nice things I just said about her and be kind when she says "Carla, your grammar stinks, get a real job".

And now, I desperately need your help. I think I've probably mentioned this before (I'm nothing if not repetative, it's a gift), but I have a heightened sense of smell. Even with this evil sinus cold I have right now, I can still smell things better than most people can smell things even if they don't have a cold. Because of my 'gift', I can smell things that most people can't, and to me they smell even stronger, than they do to most everyone else.

Now, we also have a creature in this house called a Beagle. Who is also a puppy. That likes carpets. Need I say more? Didn't think so.

Last week I rented a carpet cleaner to get rid of Beagle Juice Scent on my living room and dining room carpet and I cleaned each of them SEVEN times. They look great, but I can still smell that horrid, putrid, gag-inducing smell, as soon as I go near those rooms. YES I've tried the vinegar trick, and no it did not work.

There must be something I can use on those carpets to get that smell out. Right? If someone knows of a sure fire solution, please (I'm begging you, I'm actually typing this from bended knee with an uber-pathetic look on my face than even the darkest heart would take pity on) please please feel free to comment, or send me an email with the cure to my dilema?