Monday, April 30, 2007

High Tech Dummy: Needs Assistance ASAP

Okay so here's the task:

Transfer roughly 50 VHS and VHS-c video taped memories from 1991 through 2006, onto DVD. Easy, right?


I know I need a video capture card (got that) and I know I need an s-cable... cord... thing (don't have that) and prolly 19 million other cords/jacks/adapters, etc.

Here's the thing:

For some reason, every single site out there that tells you how to do it, assumes you REALLY know what you're doing, rather than starting off with the assumption you haven't a clue in the world, as to what you're doing. The latter would be much preferred.

I refuse to pay the fortune they want to charge me to do it at the camera shop, so I am determined to figure out how to do it myself. If there's anyone out there that has done this, knows what they're talking about and knows how to explain it to a bumbling, low-tech newbie, please speak up now.