Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Morning Ramblings From an Overtired Mom

No Friday BlogFodder this week, since I've had 'puter woes and deleted my history files. Just to let you in on a little trick I use: if I can't remember all the coolest of the cool stuff I read during the week I go back through my history and pull up the sites that completely rocked. So... in place of BlogFodder you're going to get a smattering of thoughts from an exhausted/end of the week/'my house is a mess' mind:

I woke up this morning to find a size LARGE, dead mouse on my living room floor. After I just cleaned the carpets a couple of weeks ago. Then, came into the kitchen to an empty coffee pot with a note from Kev. It said "this is dead" with an arrow pointing to the coffee pot, and it also said "love you" with an arrow pointing to the 2 Tim Hortons cafe mochas sitting in the tray, next to the coffee pot. This... is life in RolfeLand. Dead varmits in the living room - dead appliances in the kitchen. Someone much more clever than I am could write a country song about that, I'm sure.

Nathan Busenitz over at Pulpit Magazine has posted parts 1, 2 and 3 of The Blog in our Eyes, and you need to read all three of them, and the conclusion coming on Monday. Yes it's all been said before (I've even written on this same topic and said many of the same things, in exactly the same way) but it clearly needs to be repeated, since some of us are not listening. What does it say about me when I read this kind of post or series and immediately think of a couple of high-profile bloggers I know that do NOT follow this wise counsel? (nope, not naming names and you can't make me, so neener!) I'm not sure, but I am sure that I don't pretend that I follow it myself 100% of the time, and that's why I needed to read it again. You do too, so don't think you're exempt either.

teenagers... 'nuff said Teenagers are aliens that are put on this earth to make us insane and second guess every thought, word and deed. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, they dodge and weave like devious, sci-fi shapeshifters and mess up your game plan. If you disagree, you've already snapped and their sinister plan worked.

Phil and his dear wife (and my dear friend) Darlene are leaving today for Italy for a week. Please remember to pray for their safe travels and that they may be blessed, and be a blessing while they're over there. I've read Phil's legendary "travel adventures" and every time I hear he's traveling again I wonder what natural disaster we're going to be reading about in the part of the world he's traveling in. I also miss Darlene when she's gone and I'm a whiner and don't like missing my friends.

Last year, my mom sent to me a quilt kit that my gma started. It's not kit she bought, it's a kit she put together for me to finish. Everything I need to finish my gma's quilt. Squares, batting, backing, thread, pins - you name it - it's in the box. Other than taking it out and ohhing and ahhhing at all the pretty quilt block patterns and prints, I haven't even touched it. The reason for that is twofold: 1. It's freezing in my room (where my sewing machine and privacy are) in the fall and winter and I almost never do any sewing in there during that time. Almost all of my sewing projects are in the spring and summer. 2. My time is consumed by school, household chores, and errands. This time of year (and summer, obviously) I have more free time as we begin to wind down our daily lessons and often have shorter school days.

Today, after Bible and a spelling test for 3 of the kids - I am going to disappear into my room and pull out gma's quilt. I'll post a picture later (maybe, depending on how much I get done) so you can all ohh and ahh at the pretty quilt top, in progress.

And that just about sums up what's going on for me. Tomorrow we celebrate Jennifer's 21st birthday with Kev's World Famouse Barbequed Hamburgers®, and a strawberry cheesecake. Maybe I'll post a Jen-Baby-Story, in the morning.