Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday BlogFodder: April 20, 2007

I'm just going to go right ahead and bump that incredibly cool palm tree t-shirt right off the top spot. You wont mind, right?

Last night I was having a particularly difficult time getting around. Not only do I still have this brutal sinus thing & cough, but I also have this neck thing. One doctor calls it "chronic muscle spasm", but I'm sure there's a cooler term for it, like "MAN, get this flaming spear out of my neck!" or something like that. When it flares up, it hurts, really really really bad. No, I mean really bad. So anyway, there I was sitting on the laundry room floor sorting whites, darks & coloreds and it was nearly impossible to make the slightest move of my head without a pain shooting through my neck. So I did what any reasonable, rational person would do, and started crying. I'm not sure if I was crying because it hurt, or because I'm just tired of this pain, or because I'm a wimp and can't be okay with the fact that God doesn't take it away. Probably all of the above.

Kevin, being the voice of reason that he is, made a comment to me that he had to offer a disclaimer for, first: "don't take this the wrong way, but" Don't you love that disclaimer? It's my favorite, because it tells me I'm PROBABLY going to want to take it the wrong way, and shouldn't.

He just reminded me that as much as it hurts and as miserable as it makes me, to remember that there are so many people in so much worse condition than I am. Now, if I were prone to hysterics and all that other spooky hormonal female stuff, I'd snap and accuse him of being uncaring and all of that. I might even throw things and really get my point across. (Not that I haven't ever thrown things or anything, I mean... well, nevermind). The thing is though, he's absolutely correct and it's something I have to force myself to remember when I'm having a particularly intense bout of IBS. I have to think outside myself, so to speak. Putting my own situation into a larger perspective and measuring it that way makes such a huge difference in my own attitude - but I still have force myself to do it, because I forget.

Kev rhetorically asked last night "why didn't God take away Paul's thorn?". Well, we all know the answer to that (and if you don't, it's in 2Cor. 12:7), but regardless, I can only assume Paul was in a fair amount of discomfort from whatever his infirmity really was. I don't suppose Paul ever sat in the dirt sorting his laundry and bawling, but I know for people with chronic pain, it's no walk in the park to deal with it - especially if you can't take anything for it, like me. Paul said of his thorn in the flesh that he gloried in it, and took pleasure in it (that the power of Christ might rest on him in those times and that in his weakness he would be made strong, through Him). That is why Paul was so cool, and I'm such a crybaby whiner. I want to be more like Paul in that regard.

Think on these things, it'll do ya lots of goodSo this morning I was reminded of 2 things that I want to pass along to you, because they made a difference to me and I suppose the might make a difference to you too. This is the hyper-condensed version of Friday BlogFodder:

"Do you want to know who you really are? Take a hard look at your private life—especially your innermost thoughts. Gaze into the mirror of God’s Word, and allow it to disclose and correct the real thoughts and motives of your heart."

Read that again. Now one more time. This was the closing statement of Pastor John's post here on there being nothing safe about secret sin. You REALLY need to read this post, and really really need to read this post if you think for one second that you don't need to read this post.

Someone once said something to me that left me undone. You've heard it before I'm sure, and that saying goes more or less like this "what kind of Christian are you when no one's looking?" Ouch. Truth be told, sometimes I'm exactly the person you read at this blog, and other times I'm on the laundry room floor bawling like a 4 yr old that got the broken candy cane. You know how kids act when they get the broken one - it's monumental and the whole world is supposed to be revolving around them, and serving them unbroken candy canes! Yep, momentary episodes of pure selfishness and lack of faith. Ouch again.

Moving right along...

Phil's Linkage
You might recognize this from the sidebar at TeamPyro. Phil routinely lists good books, audio and web links that he's currently enjoying, under this little heading. I click the links there quite often, and did that very thing night before last, to this link that Phil called "The last enemy that shall be destroyed". I stayed up well beyond my bed time to scroll through the entire story as my dial up connection was smoking and sputtering to load each picture. It was worth it.

I continually amaze myself with my selfishness when I can click a link like that and still wallow in my own pathetic whinery. No, I did not mean winery. If you click that link and follow the story of this mother and her son, and you do not feel compelled to tell yourself to 'stick a sock in it' and it does not break your heart, then you just don't have a heart to begin with.

I could have listed a bunch of other stuff for this week (and last, since I didn't 'Fodder last week either) but I want to focus on these two. Besides, I keep getting disconnected from my ISP and every time I do, I lose what I've written. I wont whine too much about that, but that is annoying.

Off with you now, go read Pastor John's post, then go look at the link Phil posted. It'll change your perspective BIG TIME.