Saturday, April 7, 2007

Denim Jumpers, anyone?

Carla Rolfe - Homeschool Mom?

To be honest, I've never really liked that label. Sure I'm a mom, and sure I homeschool, but wearing a label like that seems like that's who I am, not just what I do. I could also call myself Queen of Laundry Mountain, or Stuffed Green Pepper Chef, since those are also things I do. But do they define who I am? No, they don't. If I really wanted to pick nits (which always sounds gross, doesn't it?) I could sit here and list all the things I do all day, and find a really cool, brand new title for myself. Something outstanding like "Wild Bird Photographer" or "Women's Devotional Author". Now that would sound pretty impressive, wouldn't it?

My lack of fondness to this title aside, for some reason there are some people who have this goofy idea of what a homeschool mom actually is. I suppose it's partly due to the media-fed stereotypes painting us all in denim jumpers and having family portaits taken in a field of daisies next to a gently flowing stream.

For a more realistic picture of many of us, try Hanes Her Way sweat pants & kids that just came out of the stream and into the kitchen leaving a trail of muddy boot prints as they proudly display the frogs & turtles they found in that stream.

Another idea is that homeschool moms are these Puritanical angels that float around in a protective happy-bubble, seperated from the world, never having heard the vulgarity & profanity that fills this world in every possible way from music, web sites, tv shows, movies, and incredibly enough, even sermons.

Well, back up that truck right there. Most of us were once unsaved & that language was a normal part of our lives (either through hearing it and thinking nothing much of it, or using it ourselves). Even for those of us who never used that kind of language or spent time around it, it's certainly not foreign to us in a day when even a cashier at a grocery store or a customer service rep seem to have no issue whatsoever with using vulgar language. It's everywhere, and becoming more and more 'socially acceptable' all the time.

Over yonder at TeamPyro, someone left a rather indignant, snarkified comment to brother Phil and made a point to insult him for being the theological dragon-slayer & protector of the saintly ears of homeschool moms, from ever having to read the sleaze-bag language that some there like to use in their comments.

Well, here's the thing...

I know Phil doesn't need little ole me to say anything in his defense, but I'm going to anyway for a couple of reasons.

1. Because him and his dear wife Darlene are friends, and I tend to get a tad bit snarky myself when someone gets on my friends and
2. Because the insult was ridiculous to begin with

Now let me say this: I'm GLAD that Phil has a strict policy about inconsiderate blabbermouths using profanity or obscenity on his blog. Like I mentioned earlier, we live in a time when cussing and swearing is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. You can't turn on a tv, pop in a dvd or cd, turn on the radio, or open your web browser without reading it or hearing it. It's on the news, in commercials, at your local WalMart via the cashier having a bad hair day... you name it, there it is.

How refreshing to be able to read a blog where you know that language is not allowed and IF it shows up, will be immediately removed. It's not that us angelic (pffft) homeschool moms haven't heard it before, it's that we thoroughly appreciate the consideration given us and others who are sick to death of hearing it and reading it everywhere else.

There, now I feel better. I could have said more but that was enough.

The Stuffed Green Pepper Chef/Wild Bird Photographer/Women's Devotional Author/Hanes Her Way Poster Girl

Oh, and for the record, I've never owned or worn a denim jumper since I was about 6. I don't have a flowing brook anywhere near my house but I do have a pond filled with naked, headless barbies and rusted hotwheels, and the occaisional frog. So make of that, what you will.